Grace Temple CDC

While many CDCs are founded for the purpose of building buildings, GTCDC also focuses on building people.  Building people has been our core concern since we began in 2010, during one of the worst economic and housing crises in America.  The focus then, as now, is to assist families experiencing heavy job losses that led to increased housing and food insecurity, and furthered the social divide in our nation. 

The Grace Temple Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving the residents of Lawnside and surrounding Camden County, New Jersey communities. We believe that participating in these and other efforts allows us to fully embrace our mission to not just touch lives today but prepare people to live better tomorrows.

Our Vision is to be transformed into an exceptional outreach organization that is driven by the needs of people and families, partnering with others to ensure the delivery of services to make a positive impact on their lives.

Our MISSION is to provide community improvement, services and housing opportunities that will benefit South Jersey Regional residents.

Rev. Dr. Charles McNeil, Sr. 
Senior Pastor
Lawnside, New Jersey 

Sharon A. Aitcheson
Senior Marketing Manager
Royersford, Pennsylvania 

Gregory B. Montgomery, Esq.
Principal Lawyer
Lawnside, New Jersey

Ronald Heigler, Jr.

Principal Engineer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rev. Christopher Collins
Newspaper Publisher
Camden, New Jersey 

Steven Pollard
Borough Council President
Lawnside, New Jersey 

Erica Lacey 
Licensed Realtor 
Lawnside, New Jersey 

Eugene Davis
Retired Electrician
Stratford, New Jersey 

Samuel Tillery
Deptford, New Jersey 

Ronald Heigler, Sr. 
Senior Consultant
Lawnside, New Jersey

Eulette Gordon 
Financial Adviser
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey 

David Zallie
Business Owner
Voorhees, New Jersey 

Rev. Quincy Hobbs, Jr. 
Senior Pastor
Voorhees, New Jersey 

Reverend Reggie Johnson 
Executive Pastor
Bear, Delaware

Rhonda Wardlow-Hurley
Lawnside, New Jersey