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Prayer & Spiritual Guidance

In my distress I called to the Lord; I cried to my God for help.
From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears.

Psalms 18:6

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Prayer Requests

Jacqueline M. • Posted on 12/20/2021 • General

Hi ! I Tradawn Montgomery Writing For Prayer. My New Downstairs Neighbor A Man Keep Picking On Me.I Don't Know This Man He Moved In Mad And Angry And Bitter In The Blg . I Am A Christian And Pray Pray He Leave Me Alone. Thanks

Jacqueline M. • Posted on 12/20/2021 • General

Hello ! I Jacqueline Montgomery Writing For Prayer . I Moved In My New Apartment And Being Attacked By Fear And Anxiety And I Pray To Better Take Care Of Myself And Stop Worrying . I Am A Senior And A Christian. Thanks And God Bless

Anonymous • Posted on 9/29/2021 • Miscellaneous

Dear Lord,
Please help keep Those away from Those watching SpongeBob SquarePants by transforming Those watching SpongeBob SquarePants into an New Generation of Fans that will ditch SpongeBob SquarePants for Things from the 1980s(Like Ghostbusters) in Jesus Name, Amen!

June R. • Posted on 5/25/2021 • Death

My co-worker's mother, Jeanette Johnson, lost a love one due to covid. Thank you.

June Robinson

Dee D. • Posted on 4/5/2021 • Salvation

I'm asking for prayer for Khadijah Harden; pray for her salvation. Pray that she'll accept and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Elizabeth W. • Posted on 2/8/2021 • Drug Abuse

Pray for Richard and Elizabeth that they obtain custody of their 4 year old precious grand-daughter, Sophia Rose, to raise and care for her. Her mom, (their daughter, Claire) is a single parent, doing drugs and neglectful towards her own little girl. Pray for angels to protect, heal and comfort Sophia Rose. Pray for God's loving presence, grace, wisdom, Christ' salvation and recovery for Sophia Rose's mom, Divine compassion and reconciliation for their family. Thank you.

Anthony J. • Posted on 12/13/2020 • General

Good afternoon brothers and sisters,

I need urgent prayers that my friend's friend Joey Rivera who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has cancer and is not doing too well. We pray that God will heal him & will get well soon, still fighting. I would like to ask you to prayer for him and the family. Thank you! Stay healthy and be safe. Contact me at anthony_scooter@yahoo.com.

God bless.

Jacqueline M. • Posted on 12/2/2020 • Salvation

Hello ! I Jacqueline Montgomery Writing For Prayer. My Daughter Tradawn Moved In Her New Apartment And Her Downstairs Neighbors A Young Guy And A Young Girl Keep Starting Trouble. These Are Very Bother By My Daughter Moving Above Them.This Couple Giving Evil Hateful Jealous Dirty Looks And Seem To Live In Darkness And Looks Very Cold Hearted.They Slamming Doors When They See My Daughter And Has Evil Ritual Around There Patio And Has Halloween Stuff Up And It's Dec.We Are Christian Hate That It's Like This But This Is Hurtful To Be Pick At By People You Don't Know. I Pray Pray Pray God Soften This Couple Hearts And They Repent And Be Godly And A Little Friendly.We Forgive Them Daily But I Am Old And Wish This Will End ASAP. Thanks And God Bless

paul B. • Posted on 11/20/2020 • General

I need prayers now so that I can get one and work. in order to move on with my life and to get out of this hole that I am in. I am alone in this world without family and such. a stranger on earth literally. I need a job and I need cash and I need it now as well as a way out of this messed up situation I am in by the power of God. 

paul B. • Posted on 11/20/2020 • General

I need urgent prayers so that I can get out of this mess that I am in at the moment. I am in a bind caused by circumstances beyond my own control. bad faith and karma on my part as well as oppression and injustice and misfortune and paying for the sins of others. I am alone in this world. No family or any of that. I am having very serious social, personal, financial and other issues dealing with right now and I might even add spiritual. I need strong prayers so that I can find a way out of this mess that I am in and find some deliverance and closure and a way out. away towards a better life and situation. Thanks


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